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Len Aaron collection-AARON BROTHERS
Byron Allen collection
Ed and Julie Broida collection
Daxton Hotel, Birmingham, MI
Travis Fimmel collection
Giovanni Cosmetics
Lincoln Properties
Liz Gordon collection- Liz's Loft
Hashem-Greenbridge Management Co
David Kaminow collection
Martina Lapanaitis collection
Callan Mcauliffe collection
Jeffery Nackmanoff collection
Cathy and Steve Needleman collection
Fraser Ross collection-Kitson stores
Beverly Sassoon collection
Peter Sealey collection
Stone, Meyer, Genow, Semlkinson & Binder Law Firm
Dr. Andre Van Herle Collection
Thompson Coburn Attorneys at Law
Jean Pierre Murray Collection
Shane Valdez Collection

Stephen is fortunate to find his works in public collections and in the homes of avid art collectors, where his work is in the company of the following renowned artists:


Pierre Alechinsky  

Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Jake Berthot

Mr. Brainwash

Tom Friedman

Damien Hirst 

Yayoi Kusama

Alexander Liberman

Roy Lichtenstein

Peter Lik

Henri Matisse

Juame Plensa

Harvey Quaytman

Auguste Rodin

Susan Rothenberg

Richard Serra

Tony Smith

Bernar Venet

Ai Weiwei

Franz West

May 2014 Mayor's  Award, Beverly Hills Art Show
October 2013 Honorable Mention Painting, Beverly Hills Art Show
May 2013 Third Place Painting,
Beverly Hills Art Show
May 2007 Honorable Mention Painting,
Beverly Hills Art Show
  • Private Venues- Houston, TX - 1994

  • Various Solo and Group Showings- Los Angeles, CA - 1996-present

  • Beverly Hills Art Show- Beverly Hills, CA - 1997-present

  • The Loft at Liz's 2009

  • Retrospect- Palm Springs, CA - 2010

  • Get Art, Project Angel Food-Hollywood, CA - 2011

  • Private Events at the Australian Consulate-Los Angeles, CA - 2010-2013

  • Arty Gallery- Los Angeles, CA - 2009, 2012, 2013

  • The Gallery, Culver City, CA -2012

  • The Horizon Gallery-Silverton, NSW, AUS - 2012-present

  • Downtown Art Walk- Los Angeles, CA - 2009-present

  • The Santa Monica Art Studios-Santa Monica, CA - 2013

  • Sweet Digs Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA - 2013

  • Helmes Bakery - Design Show Saatchi Art 2014

  • Saatchi Art -Design Show Venice CA 2015

  • Cypher Winery, Paso Robles, CA 2015-present

  • Saatchi Art -Cross Currents, Santa Monica, CA 2016

  • Saatchi Art- Holiday Show, Santa Monica, CA 2016

  • The Loft at Liz's -The Blue Show, Los Angeles, CA 2016-2017

  • The LA Art Show with Fabric Projects- Los Angeles, CA 2022-Present



the artist Stephen Rowe enjoying some time in his studio.

Working from his studio in Los Angeles, CA, Stephen specializes in large-scale modern abstract paintings.

Artist Biography

As an artist my work has drawn inspiration from abstract expressionism and action painting. My work is unique to my hand, infused with my life experiences and distinctive artistic perspective. Being born in Broken Hill, an isolated mining town in the outback of Australia, had a unique impact on my life and shaped my artistic vision.

My approach to art is informed by a diverse background in the arts, having been a professional classical ballet dancer for 17 years, as well as an actor and singer-songwriter. My experience in these various fields has given me a keen sense of movement, emotion, and storytelling, all of which inform my artwork.

With the canvas flat on the ground, it allows me to become connected with the work and to move in a way that feels like a dance. This approach is heavily influenced by my years in ballet and creates a powerful visual experience for the viewer. Using a drip technique (Series I) combined with bold, contrasting colors results in dynamic and spirited compositions. 

My paintings appear bright and colorful at first glance, but mixed within, one can see darker hues that lie beneath the surface. These darker colors represent pain, loss, and the struggles that I have experienced in my life. The brighter colors appear on the surface as a veil, hiding my inner turmoil and suggesting a happier exterior. Through my work, I am searching for happiness, finding beauty in the midst of my journey.

Overall, my artwork is a personal and unique take on the abstract expressionist style, infusing my own life and artistic outlook into each piece. This is a continuation of a long tradition of artists who have used their own experiences as inspiration for their artwork.

My work builds on the tradition of abstract expressionism, creating contrast that draws attention to the complex and multifaceted nature of human emotion. In addition to the rich history of art practice that my work draws upon, it is also important to consider its place within the competitive landscape of the contemporary art world. As an artist, I am constantly competing for attention and recognition in a crowded and highly competitive field. However, my background in other fields, has instilled a competitive spirit in me and a drive to succeed. These qualities are reflected in my art, which is a deeply personal expression of my life and emotions.

Coming from a lineage of carpenters, my trade has given me an innate sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is evident in the art. Similarly, my time spent in ballet has instilled in me a sense of discipline and dedication that is essential to any artistic pursuit. Meanwhile acting provided me with an outlet for expressing myself and exploring complex emotions, while music and songwriting have allowed me to escape reality and explore new creative avenues. All of these experiences have come together in my painting, which serves as a powerful outlet for my emotions in my continuous search for happiness. 

My earlier art style, ‘abstract pointillism’ (Series II), deploys a technique that involves the use of distinct dots arranged in a visual pattern. Requiring incredible patience and skill to execute, the end result is visually stunning. Vibrant abstract backgrounds with hidden messages of love, life, and family are set behind the veil of dots provoking mystery and intrigue, as if the messages are being protected by a mask, with the same emotional intentions as Series I. This technique is reminiscent of aboriginal art from my home, Australia.


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