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Stephen is an accomplished contemporary artist. Recognized for his mastery of large-scale artwork, Stephen creates stunningly modern abstract expressionist paintings. With an eye for bold color and dynamic composition, his works capture the essence of contemporary art and leave a lasting impression on all who view them.

Artist's Statement
As an artist, I draw inspiration from abstract expressionism and action painting. My unique work is infused with my life experiences and distinctive artistic perspective, shaped by growing up in an isolated mining town in the Australian outback. With a diverse background in the arts as a professional classical ballet dancer, actor, and singer-songwriter, I bring a keen sense of movement, emotion, and storytelling to my art.
My artistic journey is one of exploration and diversity. I embrace a range of techniques and styles, each one an expression of the unique beauty I've encountered along the way. Through my art, I seek to spread joy and inspire others to find happiness in their own lives. Each piece is a reflection of my continuous pursuit of happiness, and I hope that those who experience my work will be moved to do the same.

Stephen Rowe is located in Los Angeles, CA. For further information, please contact @

​Phone:  323.868.6267





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